ZenPop – Kawaii Stationery – June 2021 « Blue Sky » – Review ( English )

Here is my presentation of the Stationery pack of June 2021 from ZenPop with the theme « Blue Sky« .

As always, a huge THANK YOU to ZenPop for this Box in partnership.
It is always with great pleasure that I present their Boxes to you.
I apologize in advance if my English is not good, but I am doing my best.

NEW : There is no longer a small booklet with your Boxes.
But that’s not a bad thing, because now thanks to a QR code or by typing the following address: https://promo.zenpop.jp/, we can find the presentation of all the packs. The most interesting in all of this? It is because this presentation is translated into 4 languages ​​!!!
→ French
→ English
→ Spanish
→ Russian
Personally I think this is a really good thing.
In addition, the postcard is really too pretty.
(You may be asked for a code to access the page, this one is obviously supplied with the Box).

The photo was interesting, because it is true that in France the weather was not very good, suddenly the theme « Blue Sky » could only make us dream.

Here is the presentation that can be found on the ZenPop website:
 » Winter is gone, the skies are clearing up, you may catch a glimpse of a balloon carrying a bear up into the fluffy white clouds. This month’s Blue Sky Stationery pack captures the relaxing feeling you get when the weather is just right and you feel the wind on your face as the clouds in the sky slowly meander by. Share the good vibes and write a letter to a friend, or capture a fleeting moment in your journal with this month’s selection of stationery items from Japan. »

This Box is no longer available because it’s the one from last month, however nothing prevents you from ordering this month’s or another pack from ZenPop.
The CATZ code allows you to receive a reduction of $ 4 on your first Box, don’t hesitate :

No worries with delivery times for France.
Shipped 05/20/2021, I received it on 06/02/2021.
Everything was perfectly packed, we found the little postcard and a flyer inviting us to take part in the “Made with ZenPop” challenge.

Here is now the contents of the Box that I will present to you with the help of Luna Chan but also of two pretty young ladies that you will have recognized: Chocola and Vanilla.

This month we could discover 9 different products.

☀️ Blue Sky letter set – RyuRyu ☀️

After our lovely collaboration with RyuRyu, we can’t stop looking at their items. This beautiful letter set is perfect to write some kind words to someone you love dearly! You get one out of two unique designs each named ‘morning breeze (朝の風 asano kaze)’ and ‘Midday Journey (真昼の旅 mahiru no tabi)’ respectively. Wow your loved ones with your words written in this unique letter set. The envelopes are even more special as they are made with tracing papers. Comes with four address stickers so write down an address then stick it on to an envelope then mail it in.

I think I received the “Morning Breeze” model and honestly it is my favorite of the two that we could see in pictures directly on the ZenPop site.
( https://promo.zenpop.jp/packs/en/2106/stationery )

How not to be seduced by this magnificent writing paper? I find it absolutely sublime.
Of course, as always the Ryu Ryu brand offers us a quality paper with perfect printing.
I appreciate the fact that we discover several elements : 4 envelopes, 8 sheets of paper, 4 stickers and 4 address stickers.
Everything is ready to use, all you have to do is write tender words to the people you love or appreciate.


☀️ Blue Sky Post card – AIUEO ☀️

Now is the perfect time to write to your loved ones living afar. When did you ever download a text message or an email to read it again later? A postcard however… just saying! Honestly, if you don’t want to send them away, I can understand. They go perfectly on the wall to decorate your room and add another dose of cuteness. Blue as the sky, white as the bird, a very breezy and simple postcard.  Flying away like kuma くま, the bear. Another cute postcard to add to your collection.

There were two different card designs, and I’m happy because I got the one with the bears.

What more can we say except that it is a beautiful postcard?
I love her so much.


☀️ Juice Series Flat Case – AIUEO ☀️

A perfect rainbow clear case for smaller items. It is an amazing case to keep your postcard, sticker, and stamp collections! Also good to keep your documents organised, and easy to carry with you. The color theme of this flat case is ‘early’ which narrates the colors of the morning sky on an early day.

A flat case that I find very useful, we have already received some in the Box and it’ss true that it’s something that is still useful.
Personally, I like to slip my prescriptions there so I don’t lose them in my bag.
The colors of the rainbow are really pretty, it’s simple but effective.
Obviously this is a quality article.


☀️ Decorush Wide Rainbow ☀️

A lovely stationery item to add to your kit for more colorful decoration. As we love Decorush so much, we have included this unique item in various designs in our previous packs before. This time, you can add rainbows to wherever you want. Enjoy your new buddy in your stationery collection!

Personally, this is the kind of article that I love. I don’t know if we can find it in France, but I find it so practical to decorate.
The only problem is that you have to know how to use it, in fact it’s not so easy if you are not careful, but the result is really great.
I really like the model that was chosen,it enough to add a colorful touch to any text.


☀️ KITTA Clear ☀️

Washi tape lovers, like you, will be in love with this brand new KITTA clear designs!  The portable pre-cut decorative washi tapes which have been treasured since its debut in 2016, is now available in clear designs using completely different material.  You get one out of umibe (seaside) or hikari (shine) designs.

I received my favorite, the seaside model. I obviously put the photo of the two possible options, photo that you can find on the ZenPop site.

I hadn’t paid attention, but I initially thought that they were small strips to mark the pages of a book, but no … In fact they are very practical small, self-adhesive pre-cut pieces .
Besides, everything is explained on the back of the package, so we can use it for example to paste photos in a diary.
As the cardboard box is foldable, we can protect them and slip them into a diary, in our bag … etc. In short, we can take them everywhere with us.


☀️ Blue Triangle Diamond Washi Tape ☀️

Classic washi tape. Admit it, you never have enough washi tape at home. Neither do I. I mean, you can use it for anything, right? Need to stick something to the wall? Washi tape. Need to decorate your notebook? Washi tape. Need to nicely fix a torn piece of paper? Washi tape. Name your question, the answer will always be washi tape.

We always need Washi Tape, and ZenPop has understood this well by putting us in the Boxes each time.
This one is really nice in these blue tones and matches the theme.
It is a brand that we find regularly and whose quality is well established.
I really like.


☀️ Sun Color Changing Eraser – Radar ☀️

We all make mistakes. Can’t fix all of those, but this Sun Radar Eraser will get rid of the superficial ones! Even the ones you can’t see. We have a huge surprise for you! Bring it near your window and see it under the sunlight. Such wonderful magic, isn’t it? We’ve never seen an unique eraser like this before and we’re all lovin’ it and hope you will too!

We could receive two different models, and I received the blue one.

This is the article that I wanted to discover the most and I am not disappointed. This eraser is really great.
In the shade, absolutely nothing happens, but once in the sun it takes on pretty colors …
Have you seen any like this before?


☀️ Journey Pencil ☀️

Pencil to go with your summer sky collection! HB lead is the perfect one for studying as the lead is harder. Let’s enjoy the beautiful sunshine, and after dark we can all focus on studying?

A very simple article, but of quality. And then we always need a pencil, don’t you think? Its color is really nice and we can read: “My Favorite Thing”.
So don’t hesitate to put yourself in the shade of a tree, and draw pretty drawings on your sketchbook.


☀️ ZIG clean color chalk pastel ☀️

A lovely chalk pastel marker pen. You can use it from both sides for different thickness. It’s a perfect pen for when you’re going to either go into details, or insist on something to be more visible! The color shows up the best when you write on dark papers. You get one from pink, blue, green and yellow colors.

I received the color yellow and it’s true that it was not especially the one that I prefer, but whatever.
I find this marker to be really great, in addition its two leads allow you to play on the thickness of the line. No doubt I will be able to use it.

That’s all for the review of this Box, I hope you will have enjoyed it.
There were some very pretty things there, and if I had to choose a favorite item, it would probably be the eraser for its originality.
But the Decorush Rainbow is not very far …

Do not hesitate to tell me in the comments what you think and what is your favorite article.

I will now take this opportunity to introduce you to the other Boxes available.
You can find them at the following address: http://bit.ly/catzinwonderlanden

→ The Sweets pack : « July Picnic »

Ready to take out the checkered picnic blanket? Bring a good mood, some smiles, and great company, and we deliver everything else you need to enjoy your first summer picnic in the park. Salt caramel cream cookies to share with friends, and some awesome Kobe beef-flavored chips! What more can you ask for? This month’s July Picnic Sweets Pack includes a wide range of tasty, and refreshing sweets & treats:
– Koikeya Pride Kobe Beef Chips
– Calbee Sapporo Potato Barbecue Flavor
– Meiji Lemon Gabrichu
– Iwatsuka Confectionery Shrimp Otsumami
PLUS so many more delicious snacks to discover!
13 different Japanese candy and savory snacks are included in your ZenPop Sweets subscription box.

I find that there is indeed something to picnic quietly, with an assortment both sweet and savory. I think salty snacks are good for an aperitif with friends when we can finally get out the barbecue, don’t you think?
In all cases it is an assortment that makes you want to.

→ The Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack : «  Japan Tour »

From Tokyo to Sendai, tasty ramen and the perfect snacks to go with them! Take a culinary tour of the country with some locally produced ramen flavors, famous throughout Japan and overseas. Enjoy some classic ramune candy and original Yamato Aji Curry! But make sure to save the tasty Fromage Salé for last in this month’s Tour de Japan Mix Pack!
– Umakara Tokyo Aburasoba
– Dragon Potato Uma Chilli Flavor
– Fujiya Fromage Salé
– Yamato Aji Curry
PLUS plenty more delicious snacks and noodles!
2 full-sized noodle dishes plus 6 sweet and savory snacks are included in your ZenPop Ramen + Sweets Mix subscription box.

I am happy because I have to receive it this month and I could therefore tell you about it. As you know, I love the alternative of being able to have both snacks and ramen.
And while it’s true that I know some of these products, not all of them, but I can tell you that there are some very good things.
Personally, I can’t wait to discover Spicy Dragon Chips and the little cheese cookies.

→ The Ramen Pack : «  Taste of Titans »

Discover the titan in you with this month’s Taste of Titans Ramen Pack! Only the best flavors from Japan and a custom Attack on Titan Consommé Shoyu Ramen that will keep the steam towering out of your cup. Hakata tonkotsu ramen, curry ramen, and a chili pepper seafood flavor ramen from QTTA in their limited edition to complete the pack! The strongest flavors of the month, delivered straight to your doorstep. Enjoy your favorite anime with the matching ramen and feel just like you were living in Japan this summer!
– Kasaoka Ramen – Chicken Shoyu Flavor
– Sesame Bonito Beef Udon
– Attack on Titan Design Consommé Shoyu Ramen
– Yokosuka Navy Curry Ramen
PLUS 3 more delightful noodle dishes from Japan!
7 full-sized Japanese noodle bowls are included in your ZenPop Japanese Ramen subscription box.

I draw your attention to the fact that he has an Attack on Titan ramen in this pack, and I confess that I think I’ll order it for myself.
In any case, I have really rarely been disappointed with the noodles that I have tasted.
If you hesitate and are curious, go for it … really …

Do not forget the « MADE WITH ZEN POP » challenge which can allow you to win one of the Boxes offered by ZenPop every month.
For more information, you can consult the Blog article : https://zenpop.jp/blog/post/648/Made-With-ZenPop


Don’t hesitate to follow them on social networks:

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A Big THANK YOUZenPop for this Box.


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