KAWAII BOX – KIRBY’S STAR LAND ! – SEPTEMBER 2021 – Review ( English )

Here is my presentation of the September Kawaii Box : « KIRBY’S STAR LAND! » + Blippo Giveaway !

I’m always late for my presentations.
As always I will put the links to the Blippo site so that you can find the different objects when they are available.

If you want to subscribe, please feel free to use through my referral link: https://www.kawaiibox.com/?awref=9qdw2xea5q

As always, my Box arrived on time. Sent at the end of August, I received it at the beginning of September. Which is always a pleasure.

The theme for the month of September was therefore “ Kirby’s Star Land! « .
You will understand that the beautiful Kirby was present for our greatest joy.
He is a very Kawaii character, personally I love it.

We found as a presentation image the little Aiko flying on in the middle of the stars with her friend Kirby.
An image that I find very pretty.
Kirby the cheerful pink poof ball is ready to save the day ! Hop on a warp star and join him on his magical adventures all throughout Planet Pop Star !

Here are the different licenses that were announced, so we will find out which items they were associated with.

Here is how the Box looked when it opened.

As always, the small leaflet in English is included in the Box.
This allows us each month to learn a new word according to the theme, and an event.

Word of the month for September was Gemu – Game – Jeu – ゲ ー ム
The event for the month of September 24, 2021 marked the 26th anniversary of the release of Kirby’s Dream Course.
Kirby’s Dream Course is a golf-themed Kirby game developed by HAL Laboratory and Nintendo EAD[4] and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). It was released in Japan on September 21, 1994, in North America on February 1, 1995 and in Europe on August 24, 1995.
( https://kirby.fandom.com/wiki/Kirby%27s_Dream_Course )

In this month’s Box we found no less than 9 really nice objects that I will now present to you.
Among these objects we found a Bonus snack which is always a pleasure.
Don’t forget that Kawaii Box is also Japan Candy Box !

Besides my presentation of the different objects, I obviously put the link to the Blippo site.
Please note, delivery costs are no longer offered without conditions. In fact, delivery is now free only for orders over $ 40, otherwise they are $ 3 which is still affordable.

We also found a small flyer, with a code to receive a free Kawaii gift for any order on the Blippo site.

For any order of $ 40 or more you will receive a Candy or Snack Bonus. Isn’t life beautiful?

Now let’s move on to the content of the Box.

Kirby Mix & Match Gum

💜 Character Candy 💜

Kirby is there to share his otherworldly powers !
Chew two different pieces at once to create nex taste combinations. These treats come in different drinf and fruit flavors.

Each pack comes with 5 original flavors: Muscat, apple, orange, cola, & soda!
I don’t know if the candy is good or not, maybe it is chewing gum, I have no idea. But what is certain is that I love the packaging.
Don’t you think he’s too cute? And it’s resealable, so you don’t have to eat it all for one taste.
At the back of the package we find the different possible combinations.
Have fun !

Blippo link : https://www.blippo.com/marukawa-kirby-mix-n-match-gum
Price : 2,90$

Kirby Game Collectible Stamp

💜 Collectible Item 💜

Have fun decorating your scrapbooks journals, and letters ! This Kirby stamp series has six super cute designs that you can collect ! Which collectoble stamp character did you get ?

First of all there is a small error in the description because it is not 6 different patterns, but 18 which is very different.
It will therefore be difficult to have the entire collection in its entirety.
Obviously this is an official Nintendo licensed product.
I think it’s a very cool object, I really like using this kind of stamp. To prevent ink from drying out, can screw the cover.
I love it.
I received Yoyo Kirby.

Blippo Link : https://www.blippo.com/kirby-game-collectible-stamp
Price : 4,50$

Nericcho Strawberry Ice Cream DIY Candy Kit

💜 DIY Candy 💜

Get your instant ice cream fix without having to get out ! You can easily make your own strawberry dessert that looks like soft-serve ice cream and scoop it into mini water cones.

I’m a fan of DIY kits, but now I find that these candies were not at all good. It’s a matter of taste.
The preparation is very simple and it is true that it is fun to do.
A very funny discovery.

Blippo Link : https://www.blippo.com/maruta-nericcho-soft-serve-diy-candy-kit-strawberry
Price : 1,33 $

Magical Drink Gel Pen

💜 Stationery 💜

Let this super cute pen inspire you to write down all your sweet throurgts !
You can also use it to jot down all the fun adventures you plan to do in your journal.

Even though I find the lead too thin, it’s the kind of pen that always makes me happy.
Several models were available. Which one do you prefer?
I admit that I liked the pink with the little teddy bear.
My little pen collection will be able to grow.

Blippo Link : https://www.blippo.com/sweet-drink-gel-pen
Price : 2,50 $

Kirby Adventure Plushie

💜 Collectible plushie 💜

Nintendo’s pink puff hero, Kirby has been fighting baddies in arcade games since 1992! Join him in his many adventures with this fluffy plushie that you can hang to your favorite bag.

I thought it would be out of stock on the Blippo site, but the plushie is still available with the other models you can see in this photo.

Iprefer, but it’s still cute with her little star-shaped glasses.
It’s very practical because with the small chain you can put it wherever you want.

Blippo Link : https://www.blippo.com/kirby-costume-plushie-charm-mini
Price : 10,90 $

Happy Neko Kitchen Sponge

💜 Kitchen essential 💜

Who says washing the dishes is boring ?
Keep your plates nice and clean with this kawaii die-cut sponge. This smiling cat ( or « neko » in japanese ) will help you wipe all the dirt away.

I really like this sponge that I also received in the Blippo Bag but in another model.
Obviously I wouldn’t use it because it’s so cute.
I think it’s been a long time since we had this kind of accessory and that makes me very happy.

Blippo Link : https://www.blippo.com/happy-neko-kitchen-sponge
Price : 3,50$

Kirby Pastel Dream HB Pencil

💜 Stationery 💜

Add this pencil to your stationey collection for some pastel cuteness ! It’s also perfect for cribbling down your own kawaii adventures, just like Kirby !

My second favorite item from the Box because I love pencils.
I don’t think I would use it because it looks really good, and it’s a really good idea of ​​Kawaii Box to have chosen it.
A great object!

Blippo Link : https://www.blippo.com/kirby-ice-cream-party-hb-pencil
Price : 2,50$

Sumikko Gurashi Ruler

💜 Stationery 💜

Sumikko Gurashi are a shy bunch who prefers the quiet life in the corner of a room.
The ruler makes for the perfect addition to your kawaii school or work setup !

I always like getting new rules because it’s something I tend to lose quite easily. What I love is that this 18cm ruler also allows you to make circles, which is very useful. It is an official licensed product. I really like the illustration on it, but I also liked the other pink model.

Blippo Link : https://www.blippo.com/sumikko-gurashi-slumber-party-transparent-ruler
Price : 3,90$

Bonus : Surprise Bonus Snack

💜 Bonus item 💜

Enjoy this tasty Japanese bonus trat we’ve hand-picked for your from our kawaii warehouse !

I received a small package from Edamame and it is something that I love.
I did not find the reference on the site, but you can find it with another packaging.
It was delicious.

This is a Kawaii Box that I was eagerly awaiting and I am rather very happy with its content.
The theme was respected, because there were still 4 items under the Kirby license.
We even found a Sumikko Gurashi item, so it’s really nice.
Contrary to what was announced, we did not receive a Pretty Cure item.

My two favorite items in this Box are the plush toy and the Kirby pencil. This is exactly the sort of thing I could buy so obviously that makes me very happy.

Please tell me what is your favorite product in this Box.
What do you think ?

As always, I had fun making a small basket to see whether in all objectivity the Box was interesting or not.
My basket without the Bonus gift is € 27.73 or $ 32.03, to which is added the $ 3 of shipments so $ 35.03.
The Box costs $ 29.90 per month, so we have a savings of $ 5, which is still interesting.

The Box for the month of December will be themed: CUTE CHRISTMAS MAGIC!

Here are the licenses that you will be able to find there.

The giveaway is still active, so don’t hesitate to participate.
Just click on the picture.

Sans titre 10

( https://gleam.io/P7p8e/catz-in-wonderland-x-blippo-giveaway )

If you want to subscribe, please feel free to use through my referral link: https://www.kawaiibox.com/?awref=9qdw2xea5q

Thank You

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