ZenPop – Kawaii Stationery – September 2021 « Chill Study Vibes » with TAO – Review ( English )

Here is my presentation of the September Stationery pack from ZenPop with the theme : «  Chill Study Vibes » with TAO.
A particular pack, because it’s a collaboration with a very talented artist that I was really eager to discover.

First, I would like to thank ZenPop for agreeing to send me this pack for free. Indeed, I’am always curious about collaborations with artists, because as you know, I love to draw.
I didn’t know TAO and I am very happy to have been able to discover her through this beautiful sharing with ZenPop who does not hesitate to highlight promising artists.

Obviously this Box is still available and if you are interested I invite you to order rather quickly, because as you know thez are in limited quantity.
The CATZ code allows you to receive a reduction of $ 4 on your first Box, don’t hesitate :

No worries with delivery times for France.
Everything was perfectly packed, we found the little postcard and a flyer inviting us to take part in the “Made with ZenPop” challenge.

These are photos that you can find on the ZenPop site and which give you an idea of the contents of the Box. As you can see, it’s very difficult not to be tempted.

Here is the presentation that can be found on the ZenPop website:
«  This is it! This is the new collaboration pack you’ve been waiting for. Meet TAO, a creative artist based in Sapporo, Hokkaido, who’s designed some unique artwork that we’ve included in our pack for you! Paired with all the back to school supplies you’ll need for a new year of studies, you’ll be ready for all your fall creations and homework assignments. »

I invite you to read the TAO interview available on the ZenPop Blog : https://zenpop.jp/blog/post/878/interview-with-TAO

We learn there that she is a freelance illustrator who draws since childhood. A passion that she shared in particular with her big sister.
Regarding her illustrations, as you can see, she works digitally and defines her style as « anime ». She shares with us the material she uses to make her works, especially her favorite stationery items.

We find in her works my favorite animal, the cat, an animal that she appreciates, that’s also why I like what she offers us so much. She admits to appreciating the atmosphere of the Showa era (1930 – 1980) and to create she uses photos as well as furniture or objects from this period. Her creative process is very interesting because she starts from an idea, documents herself and creates by bringing together a whole bunch of elements which in the end gives a result that I find very structured and pleasant. Her designs are full of small details and the colors are very pretty.

The interview also allows us to learn a little more about the work for this collaboration. Beyond the little Luna that we find on the postcard, I hadn’t noticed immediately but the stores represented are stationery stores, a wink that I really appreciate. And then all these pretty neon lights really offer us something very original.

Don’t hesitate to follow her on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/tao15102/
There is also a webiste : https://tao15102.com , you can also find many magnificent illustrations there that I can only invite you to discover.

ZenPop also has a nice little surprise in store for you, all subscribers to the ZenPop Stationery Box can participate in a great contest allowing you to win 10 exclusive illustration books and above all autographed by TAO itself. I confess that I would love to win it.

Now let’s go to the discovery of this new Box …

This is how it looked when it opened.

In addition to the magnificent postcard allowing us to consult the description of the products, we also found a Flyer inviting us to discover TAO.

Here is now the contents of the Box that I will present to you with the help of Luna Chan but also of two pretty young ladies that you will have recognized: Chocola and Vanilla.

This month we found 10 different products. ( BONUS : UMAIBO )


🐱 MIDORI – Multi Ruler (30cm) Pastel Color 🐱

Here’s a standard school supply that everyone’s going to need! This ruler is compact and easy to carry. Did you ever have your 30 cm (12 inches) ruler break while carrying them in your school backpack? Not this one: it’s been designed to resist pressure and was made to fit your pencil case.
To make sure your backpack is lighter for this new school year, we made sure to find a ruler that also helps you measure angles, depth, and will replace a few of your other tools that you would otherwise have to carry! Just look at TAO’s character, keep your belongings in a small, comfortable bag!

This is not the first time that I have discovered this type of ruler but I am always very surprised by its very practical side and I love using them.
I totally agree with the description, how many times I have broken ruler in my bag, and the same goes for my son. There we have an ideal format that can even fit into a pencil case.
Beyond that, the ruler is solid, with a good quality and very practical. We even notice a cool little design with little dots.
Apparently we could have different colors, either white or pink, so I’m glad I got a pink.

🐱 Mini Notebook Food Design 🐱

Ready to take notes? We deliver a mini-notebook designed to make you feel more enthusiastic during your classes, and make you especially hungry that last hour before your lunch break! This “yummy shopping street” (おいしい商店街, oishii shôtengai) concept translates to lots of small treats like Gyoza on the cover! Do you know how to cook them? Check out our blog to find an easy recipe!
This notebook has a total of 32 pages, and is perfect if you’re looking to start learning Japanese and practice your hiragana and katana as well as a first few kanji! So here you go, ゼンポップ (ZenPop). Or you could practice your drawings and become our next stationery pack collaborator? Hashtag or tag us on Instagram @zenpopjapan!

You know, I’m not a particular fan of food design.
However, I find this little notebook very nice. There were again several colors possible, I admit that I would have preferred pink but we did not choose haha.

It is a small classic notebook, but of good quality, inside there are small squares.
Ideal for writing little things that should not be forgotten, its format is perfect to be slipped into the bag.
I adopt it with great pleasure.

🐱 Tenori Tape Glue Stamp 🐱

Do you sometimes find those round stick glues inconvenient? The round shape never fits the corners, and you’ve got your fingers full or the paper glued to the table. This stamp-like tape glue (テープのり) uses strong adhesive, and acts fast to make sure you don’t have to wait too long for it to try and can keep up with class!
It’s pitch-perfect to stick your TAO postcard to your notebook and enhance your collages! The tape glue can be used up to 500 times and comes in 6 colors with a cute character design: standard red, green, blue, cherry, lemon, and aqua, which one did you get?

I am very happy to find this glue in the Box this month. If you’ve been following me for a while, and if you read my articles about the Stationery Box from ZenPop, you will notice that we have already received this glue.
As it is a consumable, we can therefore have a new one to start the year well.

Its design is very nice, but the most interesting is that it is very practical to stick sheets in the notebook or anything else. It’s fast, and efficient.
In addition, once again, a perfect format to be slipped into a school bag, for me it is essential.

🐱 KOKUYO Drawing Pen 🐱

Similar to a fountain pen color, this drawing pen (ドローイングペン) is about to become a classic in your school kit. The ink is made from water-based pigment and provides excellent water resistance: no more smirches in your notebook. The pen tip has been carefully designed by KOKUYO to make sure you have smooth uniform lines, and can use for math class just as well as detailed creative drawings!

We could receive a blue or a pink, and I have to say that both colors suited me.
This is typically the kind of pen I use when drawing, so it makes me very happy to have new material. Besides, as you can see, I did not wait to inaugurate it haha.
It is a quality pen, the ink is perfect and indeed it does not bleed.
Besides, I erased it without any worries, it is also important to underline it.
In the top !
Likewise for writing, I find it very practical as well.

🐱 Masking Tape – Food 🐱

Who wants masking tape? Everyone. How much masking tape do you need? A lifeline. This month we bring you two distinct food-themed washi tape designs: a cheese-covered one pan design & a Japanese teishoku (定食, set meal) design. Have you ever experienced one of those delicious sets at a Japanese restaurant? A bowl of miso soup, some pickles on the side, a lovely serving of yummy fish, meat, or vegetables together with a freshly steamed bowl of rice: it’s a treat! These are the kind of dishes you can find in the restaurants spread throughout TAO’s illustrations!

A very nice washi tape full of very appetizing dishes. As you can see in my photos, we can have fun cutting out each of the dishes to use them in illustration.

It’s hard not to be hungry ….

🐱 Pentel Mechanical Pencil PG-METAL350 🐱

75 years. It’s been 75 years that Pentel started delivering some of the best Japanese stationery to the shelves. Former US presidents as well as the NASA on their space missions have used Pentel because of their reliability! If your pen can make it to the moon, you can do too.
We’ve selected this PG-METAL350 mechanical pencil to supply you with the ultimate writing tool you’ll keep for years. It’s a lightweight pencil, for those of you who need to work long hours, it just floats in your hand and comes with a comfortable and steady grip.

Another pencil that I am very happy to have received. Indeed, it is exactly the kind of mechanical pencil that I like to use, because I find that its quality is quite remarkable. I really like this metallic side which for me gives perfect weight to the pencil.
Not to mention the very practical side with the little eraser found in the cap.
We could have it a different color, and I really like the royal blue color of the one I received.
There again, hardly received that I use it to carry out a small drawing of Chocola accompanied by the beautiful Luna. Vanilla even helped me a bit haha.

🐱 Kadokeshi Puchi Eraser 2pcs 🐱

We all make mistakes. It’s always nice to be able to erase them, though, and this eraser from  KOKUYO is going to make sure of that. It’s part of their Kadokeshi Puchi series. Kado (角, corner), and Keshi (消し, erase) is actually short for keshigomu (消しゴム), which means eraser. As you can see from this unique design, this thin eraser fits in any small pencil case, and intentionally has many corners to allow you for precise erasing even after weeks of use!

Don’t you find this eraser funny? I like it a lot … At the beginning it reminded me of a cheese, but I understand better through the description what all these little holes are used for.
It is true that casually it is practical.

🐱 Retro Town Osanpo Stickers 🐱

Kamio created a new cute selection of stickers, and we’ve gotten our hands on them for you! Kami (紙, paper) and O (王, king), tells you all you need to know about the company!
With their new sticker set, they take you on a walk through a Japanese city, from café to ice cream shop and omurice restaurant (オムライス, Japanese rice wrapped in an omelette with ketchup). Can you imagine yourself exploring TAO’s universe to discover the best back alley treats on your adventure?

We could receive two different sticker sheets, here are the different models.

Once again, quality stickers that make you hungry.
We don’t necessarily notice it in the image, but they are delicately golden, I like it a lot.
What is your favorite food ?

🐱 TAO’s Sticker & Post Card 🐱

Just look at this unique artwork from our collaboration with TAO. This talented artist from Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan, created this awesome postcard design paired with a unique sticker included for your box!
Her illustration offers you a glimpse into the surreal world of TAO, bringing to life her vision of Japan’s bustling cities and streets infused with lo-fi aesthetics through the adventures of a young girl and her cat.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of his work, it’s hard not to appreciate it, don’t you think?
A very interesting collaboration once again because it is simply magnificent.
I would love to accompany this young girl on her adventures. ^^

It’s over for the presentation of this Box, I hope as always that you will have appreciated.
Once again very nice content, and suddenly it is very difficult for me to choose a favorite article.
I am really happy to have discovered this artist and I love the postcard.
The pens will be very useful to me, as will the ruler as well as the glue and the erasers.
Again this is a near perfect Box, although I’m still a bit reluctant about food design haha.
Do not hesitate to tell me in the comments what you think and what is your favorite article.

I will now take this opportunity to introduce you to the other Boxes available.
You can find them at the following address: http://bit.ly/catzinwonderlanden

→ The Sweets pack : « Sweet Temptation »

Got the munchies? This pack was made for you. Give in to your temptations and try out some of Japan’s best snacks and sweets. Garlic butter chips, sweet chestnuts, yuzu kosho-flavored kakitane and Demon Slayer themed rice crackers & biscuits! We’ve selected 4 of the best characters for you, which one will you get in your pack? This month’s Sweet Temptation Sweets Pack contains:
– Abeko Confectionery Kakitane Yuzu Kosho Flavor
– Yasui Peeled Sweet Chestnut
– Calbee Super Potato Garlic Butter Chips
– Demon Slayer Snacks
PLUS so many more delicious snacks to discover!

→ The Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack : «  Lunchtime Treasures »

What does Pikachu like to do for summer? Enjoy time at the beach with his friends and snack on the tastiest summer treats. Joined by Crayon Shin-chan’s father and another cup of delicious bean sprout soba, this month’s Lunchtime Treasures Mix Pack contains plenty of flavorful and surprising snacks. Challenge yourself to some sea-urchin flavored potato chips or some mixable gum for fruity delights! This month’s pack contains:
– Sapporo Ichiban Pokémon Noodle Soy and Corn Flavor
– Nohara Hiroshi Addictive bean sprout noodle Salty Flavor
– Yamayoshi Sea Urchin-flavored Potato Chips
– Marukawa Confectionery Transformation Gyogyogyo Gum
PLUS even more delicious snacks and noodles!
2 full-sized noodle dishes plus sweet and savory snacks are included in your ZenPop Ramen + Sweets Mix subscription box.

→ Le pack Ramen avec sa thématique : « Pika-Pika Pleasures »

More Pikachu, more fun, especially with a selection of ramen. The pack contains the twin cup of our mix pack’s Pikachu-themed ramen cup, this time with salt and seafood flavors. Of course, the Pika Pika Pleasures Ramen Pack has plenty more surprises, like yuzu-flavored somen that are the perfect refreshment for a hot summer day, or an Osaka kasu udon, a local specialty from our hometown! Treat yourself to some of this month’s most delicious ramen:
– Sapporo Ichiban Pokémon Noodle Salt and Seafood Flavor
– Maru Uma Somen Noodle With Yuzu flavour
– Big Osaka Kasu Udon directed by « KASUYA »
– Kuroi Buta Curry Yakisoba
PLUS 3 more delightful noodle dishes from Japan!
7 full-sized Japanese noodle bowls are included in your ZenPop Japanese Ramen subscription box.

Do not forget the « MADE WITH ZEN POP » challenge which can allow you to win one of the Boxes offered by ZenPop every month.
For more information, you can consult the Blog article : https://zenpop.jp/blog/post/648/Made-With-ZenPop

Don’t hesitate to follow them on social networks:

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A Big THANK YOUZenPop for this Box.


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