Blippo Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag – Review + Giveaway ( In English )


Here is my presentation of the NEW Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag from Blippo.
On the program there is very pretty things that should please you, and as a Bonus a Giveaway so that on of you can also discover it.

First, I would like to thank Blippo for giving me this bag which really made me very happy.
I had already had the chance to receive a previous edition that I presented to you here  ( in french ).But after being out of stock, these little bags that we could compare to Lucky Bag are back for our greatest pleasure.
The concept of these bags named Fukubukuro in Japan. Fukubukuro lucky mystery bags are popular in Japan. The bags are packed with random items and sold for a substantial discount! Blippo Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag is packed with a random assortment of cute and practical items!
I reassure you, there are no scams, most of the time these bags contain sale items, unsold items or items may be less popular. However, we can also have nice surprises and this was the case for me with this bag which still contained some super nice items that we found in Kawaii Boxes of the previous months.
Blippo is therefore announcing that each bag includes a mix of at least 15 products chosen from our kawaii warehouse .Retail value approx. 70 USD. The bag is also a perfect gift for anyone who loves mystery surprises! . Items come in exclusive Blippo bag that cannot be purchased seperately
Once again I was really very pleasantly surprised by the content that we are going to discover together in this article.

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I would not go back to the presentation of the Blippo store because I already tell you about it regularly via my Kawaii Box items.
It’s a shop that I find very nice and which still offers many Kawaii products and there are some super nice products, some even exclusive to Blippo.
For example the masks that I never take off.
The prices may seem a bit high, but if you spend $40 or more the shipping is free. If your order is below $40 the shipping is $3.

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Blippo likes to please us, there are always offers to have small gifts in the order and that’s great!
I can only recommend this shop that I trust 100%.

Currently you can also find another bag : Blippo Surprise Candy Bag
Each bag is unique and includes at least 10 candies and snacks chosen from our kawaii warehouse.


Now it’s time to discover the contents of this surprise bag !

It’s funny, because there is a small illustrated card where it is indicated who prepared our package. I find that too too cute. And it was Brian who packed it with love and care.

Sans titre 3

For each product I will write you the description, the link of the products and the price.
Obviously as always I would also give you my opinion, well yes, it is important.
And as always we will do a little review at the end to see if the promises are kept. But I admit that I have no fear on that side.

Shimmery Drinks Hair Clip


Add a dose of sparkle to your everyday look with these kawaii hair clips! Each glittery clip resembles famous Japanese drinks like peach soda, Meiji milk, and flavored yogurts.


We had received one in the Kawaii Box for the month of July of this year.
This clip being perfect to have a Decora Kei look which I recall is a fashion style known in Japan that focuses on bright colors and cute accessories.
Personally I am not particularly a fan of accessories with food, however I received another model than the one I already had and that makes me happy.
Indeed, we always need a hair clip and we must admit that it is really Kawaii.

Sans titre 4
On the Blippo website you can find various models, however be aware that you have no choice and you will receive a random model.

Link :
Price : $2.90

Coroham Coron Nakayoshi Mini Case Charm


Keep your favorite stud earrings and other small jewelry inside this kawaii mini Coroham Coron charm that doubles as a case! It comes with a removable ball chain so you can attach this kawaii case to your fave tote. You’ll receive a random hamster charm out of five possible designs when you order features 5 possible characters: Coron, Purin, Momochan, Aisukun, and Jankun
Of course it is an Original licensed product from Amuse Japan .


We received this cute little Hamster in the Kawaii Box in August 2021. I received the same one so I have it in duplicate.
But it doesn’t matter because he’s really too cute.

Sans titre 2

Link :
Price : $3.90

Collectible Aiko Charm Gachapon


Add this super cute Aiko charm to your collection of kawaii trinkets! This kawaii charm features Blippo’s mascot Aiko wearing a cute outfit. You can attach it to your favorite bag with its detachable ball chain! Surprise yourself with a random design taken from a set of five when you order.

Gachapon vending machines are famous and can be seen all over Japan. They dispense super cute Japanese collectible items placed inside a Gachapon capsule. The fun part is you don’t know exactly what you’re going to get!
Experience the thrill of a Japanese toy vending machine with this limited-edition Aiko capsule toy! You’ll receive a random one just like in real Gachapon games!
There is 5 designs: Kimono, Kawaii School Day, Sakura Season, Pretty Cute and Winter Fun , they are all Designed in Tokyo, Japan by Blippo Kawaii Shop.


We had recieved one in the Kawaii Box for the mouth of June. I’m happy because I didn’t gave this model, and it’s the one I prefer.

Link :
Price : $4.90

Pretty Cure Tropical Banana Corn Snacks


Enjoy the tropical taste of these corn snacks flavored with banana puree and orange juice! The four-peace set features Pretty Cure characters on the packaging! You can also munch on these treats with a bowl of milk!
Made in Japan by Tohato


We had received a package in the Kawaii Box for the month of August and I admit not having tasted it because I find the packaging so cute.
When you order on the site you receive not a small package but 4.
But there isn’t much to eat, only 10g per pack, so I think this is for kids.

Sans titre 8

Link :
Price : $3.15

Hummingmint Forest Fun Stickers


Accent your journal with this super cute sheet of stickers featuring Hummingmint and her forest friends! Each sticker features fine golden details.
It’s an official production by Sanrio.



I had already received these beautiful stickers in the Kawaii Box for the month of August. But I’m super happy because they’re really super cute. All these little details, and these little gilding, a real pleasure for the eyes

Link :
Price : $3.90

Aiko’s Candy Magic Round Plate


Have fun piling on your favorite desserts using this kawaii plate made by Blippo! It’s decorated with a cute illustration of Aiko and lots of sweets. This round plate is made of durable material and can withstand dishwasher temperatures below 70º C.
It’s designed in Tokyo, Japan by Blippo Kawaii Shop.


This cute little plate was in the Kawaii Box for November.
It is true that I find it pretty, but it is more for a little girl.
In any case for me it will be an object of decoration.

Link :
Price : $6.90

Daisuki Idol Sticker Flakes Pack


Show your love for your idols by using these super cute deco seal bits! This set has ten various designs that feature expressions like “Too cute!” “I will support you forever!” “Precious!” and other heartwarming messages. Each die-cut sticker has a holographic finish.
They features a holographic finish and there is a total of 40 stickers.


We received these stickers in the Kawaii Box in July. If I find them nice, the problem is that I don’t understand all the expressions.

Link :
Prix : $2.50

Ice Cream Highlighter Set


Have fun doing arts and crafts using this super cute set of highlighters! Each highlighter is shaped like an ice cream cone. They come in a zippered transparent pouch.


We had received them in the Kawaii Box for the month of July and I am very happy because they are really nice.
I like them a lot, even as a decorative object, it’s great on a desk.
The little Kawaii touch that feels good!

Link :
Price : $3.90

Happy Neko Kitchen Sponge


Have fun washing dishes using this super kawaii die-cut sponge! It’s made to look like a happy neko or cat!


We received one in the Kawaii Box in September that I haven’t shown you yet for lack of time. And I’m happy because I had a different model, there are three in all.
I really like these little sponges and obviously I wouldn’t use them for fear of damaging them.
When you order them in the store, you can choose the model you want.


Link :
Price : $3.50

Cute Kawaii Face Mask for Kids – 10 pcs


Use this disposable Kids Face Mask for protection while you are out and about. Perfect for school, hobbies, and when meeting friends!

These cute face masks are packed in a handy resealable bag. They’re soft, comfortable, and most importantly super cute! A perfect face mask for girls!

These kawaii masks are made with 3 protective layers and cover the nose, mouth, and chin for full protection. Use the adjustable noseband to create a light seal around your face and breathe easily! The elastic earloops are comfortable and you can wear your cute mask all-day. Wearing is caring!


I really like these masks that I use every day. They’re in kid size, so I couldn’t wear them, but hey, I can always give them away.
I find them Kawaii, and they are a perfect accessory to be both protected and cute.

Link :
Link ( Adult ) :
Price : $ 9.90

Wonderland Sushi Candy Stick


This sweet lollipop treat is so uniquely Japanese with its unusual yet yummy-looking sushi design! The candy has a slightly hard texture and looks so mouthwatering with its bright sushi colors. Surprise yourself by getting a random sushi style when you order!


I like these little lollipops, they are really pretty

Sans titre 5

Link :
Price : $1.90

Pastel Fluffy Cloud Pen


Use this kawaii pen for writing important notes and signing documents! Its cap features a cute cotton-like pastel cloud. You’ll receive a random design when you order!


I received one in the Kawaii Box in July and it’s really cool.
I find the mine a bit thin but otherwise I like it a lot.

Sans titre 11
Link :
Price : $2.90

Cinnamoroll Beach Plushie


This Cinnamoroll character plushie wears either a double bow on his head, has a sea creature, or both! Latch this mini fluffy cutie on your favorite purse using its removable ball chain!


I am really very happy with this plush. We received one in the Kawaii Box in July, and I got another model. Haha. She is too too too cute

Sans titre 7

Link :
Price : $9.90

Pompompurin Refreshing Popsicle Pencil Case


This super cute die-cut pencil case is shaped like a refreshing popsicle! Store your pens, erasers, and other writing tools in this zippered case covered in prints of Pompompurin in a pineapple costume and tropical fruits!


I had received a beautiful My Melody pencil case in the Kawaii Box for the month of August and here I am with one from Pompompurin.
I’m really happy because it’s an official Sanrio product and it’s super pretty.
We can read: ” Roly-poly, cute & bouncy, floppy, flouncy & fulla fun! “.
I love !

Sans titre 7
Link :
Price : $ 16.90

Unicorn No Cony Tedama Plushie – Mini


Have a dreamy slumber by snuggling up with this Unicorn No Cony round plushie! This mini pastel cutie is super fluffy and has bean stuffing inside.


A cute little plush in a unicorn version. I had received a Hamster version in the June Kawaii Box.
It’s an official Amuse licensed product.

Sans titre 6
Link :
Price : $8.90

Hope you enjoyed this presentation.
Honestly, I like everything and I find it really a nice surprise gift for Kawaii lovers.
We are told an approximate value of $70 and when I look at the basket having put all the items in, the amount is $85.95, so the promise is well kept.
Good ok … we had a packet of cereal when they are sold by 4 on the site, but hey …
I think it’s really very interesting, it’s almost like having two Kawaii Boxes for not even the price of one.
Indeed, we find a lot of Kawaii Box products from previous months, so if you are a subscriber it could be less interesting. But OK…
As you know, very often there are several possibilities, suddenly it allows to complete the collections that we like. Personally, I am very happy because I received a new pencil case, a Sanrio plush that I did not have, as well as a small unicorn soft toy.
Well, these are articles that make you happy.
Really it’s a surprise bag that I can only recommend.

I’ll share with you a little gift code that will allow you to have a surprise in your order, which is always nice.


And I am announcing a SURPRISE, a GIVEAWAY !!!
So don’t hesitate to participat, just click on the picture !

Sans titre 10

( )

Many thanks to Blippo for giving me this surprise bag to present it to you, and for the Giveaway. 

Do not hesitate to follow them on social networks:

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